I have always advocated against the injustices the Palestinian people have faced. This conflict must be resolved through meaning dialogue with support of the international community. To end the ongoing violence, Palestine must firstly be recognised as a nation-state to end the pain and sorrow to the people of both Palestine and Israel.

I have made these calls throughout my career. Below you can view my contributions made in UK Parliament and European Parliament


2024: Israel Palestine conflict contributions:

  • Letter to the Foreign Secretary on the harmful rhetoric by the Israeli Ambassador
  • Statement condemning the language used by senior Israeli officials, including by Prime Minster Netanyahu
  • Support for a parliamentary motion condemning the targeting of journalists in Gaza
  • Meeting with Palestinian Ambassador, Amnesty International and International Centre of Justice for Palestinians
  • Tweet on the humanitarian crisis in Gaza and European Parliament support for a permanent ceasefire
  • Petition to Parliament to implement an immediate ceasefire in Gaza
  • Tweet in support of the interim ruling by the International Court of Justice (ICJ)
  • Signed a parliamentary motion noting the ICJ ruling on Gaza and the UK’s duties under the Genocide Convention
  • Visit to the Isle of Man for a Gaza fundraiser event
  • Intervention condemning Prime Minster Netanyahu’s response to countries planning on recognising the state of Palestine
  • Statement on the need for a immediate ceasefire in Gaza after a debate on the matter
  • Intervention condemning Prime Minster Netanyahu’s restrictions against Palestinian Muslims wishing to visit the Al-Aqsa mosque
  • Intervention on the need for the UK Government to recognise that Israel has an obligation to comply with the ICJ ruling
  • Intervention on recognising the horrific human rights abuses in Palestine on the UN international day on to combat Islamophobia
  • Speech on the need for reinstating the UNWRA funding
  • Speech on the atrocities that continue to unfold in Gaza
  • Co-Signing a letter with MPs demanding a withdrawal of arm sales to Israel
  • Letter to Foreign Secretary on imposing sanctions against Israeli settlers and their enablers
  • Iftar with GM Mayor Andy Burham and Ambassador of the State of Palestine to the UK Husam Zomlot expressing solidarity with the Palestinian people and to reflect on the situation in Gaza.
  • Tweet expressing that the UK needs to stop its arm sales to Israel
  • Question to the PM on holding Israel accountable for not abiding to UN resolution
  • Intervention on the humanitarian situation in Gaza.
  • Meeting with British doctors who were working in Gaza to hear of their accounts of IDF atrocities
  • Meeting with Fr Gabriel Romanelli, the parish priest of the Holy Family Church, Gaza.
  • Written an article on the struggle of the Palestinian and Kashmir people on the occupation they face.
  • Intervention calling for an arms embargo on Israel.
  • Hosted report launch in Parliament with Restless Beings documenting Israeli war crimes in Gaza.
  • Attended an event with the Palestinian Ambassador to mark 76 years of the Nakba.
  • Intervention in support for a family reunification visa scheme for Palestinians.
  • Called on the UK Government to support an immediate ceasefire in Gaza and suspend all arms sales to Israel.
  • Signed a letter calling for the UK Government to back the International Criminal Court.

2023: Israel Palestine conflict contributions:

  • Meeting with the Jewish-Arab movement ‘Standing Together’ and ‘Yachad’ 
  • Intervention on the violence in the West Bank
  • Intervention on the rise of Islamophobia due to rhetoric around the violence in Gaza
  • Website statement on the violence in Palestine and Israel
  • Intervention on the Al-Ahli Arab hospital explosion
  • Tweet offering support for constituents with family stuck in Gaza
  • Meeting with Muslim communities with Mayor Andy Burnham about Israeli-Gaza conflict
  • Tweet supporting Labour Friends of Palestine and the Middle East’s call for an immediate ceasefire
  • Tweet calling for humanitarian corridors to be opened
  • Supported a parliamentary motion condemning the October 7th attacks and agreeing with the UN Secretary-General that these attacks do not justify the collective punishment of the Palestinian people
  • Intervention on the situation facing hospitals in Gaza
  • Speech about the humanitarian crisis in Gaza and calling for a ceasefire
  • Interview with the BBC following a vote for a motion in support of a ceasefire in Gaza
  • Interview with the Mancunion on support for a ceasefire between Israeli and Hamas
  • Tweet condemning the death toll in Gaza
  • Intervention on the starvation of Gazans
  • Statement on the violations of international law by Israel
  • Supported a parliamentary motion advocating of a Palestinian family visa scheme.
  • Interview with the New Arab about stepping down from the frontbench in support of a ceasefire in Gaza
  • Tweet on meeting with veteran war surgeon Ghassan Abu about his time in Gaza treating wounded Palestinians
  • Intervention  calling on the suspension of arms sales to Israel
  • Tweet stressing that the UK follows the rest of the world in supporting a ceasefire in Gaza

2022: Israel Palestine conflict contributions:

  • Called for better support in providing urgent aid in the Gaza following illegal and irresponsible Air raids from Israel.
  • Website statement on the the murder of Shireen Abu Akleh
  • Spoken contribution in Parliament on the murder of Shireen Abu Akleh in text or video.
  • Website post and Tweet on my statement in the debate for the UK Government to recognise the State of Palestine.

2021: Israel Palestine conflict contributions:

  • Tweet for seeking a two-state solution and lasting peace in Palestine
  • APPG Palestine meeting
  • Interviewed on Islam Channel to discuss the Webinar on Palestinian human rights and equality
  • Hosted a Palestine Webinar
  • Statement on concerns over the newly elected Israeli PM history of inflammatory statements:
  • Debate on Palestine, highlighting the need for a recognised Palestinian state.
  • Joined the Palestine Solidarity Campaign Parliamentary briefing
  • Supported Keir Starmer’s comments on wanting a two-state solution
  • Spoke on the need to keep international aid during a global crisis happening in Palestine
  • Joined the Free Palestine rally where fundraisers cycled from Bradford to Manchester
  • Advocated for better discourse on the Israel-Palestine conflict
  • Called for the UN human rights council to establish an independent commission of inquiry and the UK need to support it to vote.
  • Urgent Question statement on the illegal occupation and annexation of Gaza.
  • Addressing the similarities between Kashmir and Palestine conflicts
  • Raised the issue of Muslim and Jewish communities facing the rise in hate crime due to conflict in the Middle East
  • Showing my support with the Palestinian people after the Sheikh Jarrah attacks at a Manchester rally
  • Supporting the peaceful rally and protest in Manchester
  • Supporting Palestine Land Day
  • Debate on Recognising the State of Palestine
  • Intervention on the need to continue aid (ODA) in Palestine
  • Intervention on the importance of Palestinians having equal access to the Covid-19 vaccination

2020: Israel Palestine conflict contributions:

  • Showing support for Palestinians on International Human Rights Day
  • Joined the Palestinian Ambassador for a constituents virtual lobby
  • Attended a briefing on Palestine and the challenges faced
  • Intervention on Israel contempt for international law and sanctions
  • Statement on Donald Trump’s dangerous plan for Israel and Palestine

2019: Israel Palestine conflict contributions:

  • Supported Palestinian children on World Children’s Day
  • Questioned the Minister on the urgent need of peace in Gaza during the UNHRC Inquiry
  • Tweet on UN report finding Israeli forces acting unlawfully on killing 189 Palestinians
  • Called for the Government to vote to investigate Israeli actions in Gaza.
  • Supported a parliamentary motion condemning the illegal annexation of occupied Palestinian and Syrian territories
  • Supported a parliamentary motion on welcoming the independent UN commission of inquiry report on protests in Gaza.

2018: Israel Palestine conflict contributions:

  • Raised the need of immediate humanitarian assistance to Gazans
  • Met with constituents campaigning against the human rights violations in Palestine
  • Spoke in the Commons on the need of urgent medical assistance
  • Urging the Government to reconsider the approach used to the ongoing violence
  • Supported a parliamentary motion welcoming a resolution by the United Nations Human Rights Council to establish and independent, international Commission of inquiry into violations of international law
  • Supported a parliamentary motion condemning the US administration to end its funding of the UNRWA.

2017: Israel Palestine conflict contributions:

  • Questioning the Foreign Secretary on his discussions with Israel and Palestine following the movement of the US Embassy to Jerusalem
  • Met with Chair of PSC to discuss human rights concerns in Palestine
  • Met with activists cycling to raise awareness for Palestine and Gaza

European Parliament contributions:

  • Debate on the situation in the west bank, in particular settlements.
  • Debate on the situation in the west bank.
  • Debate on Middle East Peace Process
  • Debate on West bank displacement and demolitions
  • Debate on situation in Israel and Palestine
  • Debate on the EU’s role in the Middle East peace process
  • Debate on Israel-Palestine after the Gaza war and the role of the EU
  • Debate on the escalation of Violence between Israel and Palestine


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