Violence in Rakhine State, Myanmar


I have written to the Prime Minister expressing my outrage at the violence against the Rohingya people in Myanmar, asking her to forcefully condemn serious human rights violations, and seeking a full review of the UK military's aid to Myanmar. You can read my letter here.

I also raised the issue in the House and called on the government to do more to protect innocent civilians. You can watch it here.

"Despite the extensive support— economic, cultural and political—that we have given to the Myanmar Government, we are now seeing that the Rohingya community is in danger of genocide. Does the Minister agree that we need to ask that Government for three things? First, the Government security forces need to be brought under control. Secondly, the aid organisations need to have free access there. Thirdly, the key thing is that the Rohingya need to be recognised as full citizens of Burma."


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