Labour Party Conference 2017


This month it was my privilege to attend my first Labour Party Conference as an MP. Although, of course, being in Brighton could never compare to Manchester, the mood of unity and elation was inspiring. I started conference by watching our shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott’s speech, in my role as Shadow Immigration Minister (you can watch it here). In it, Diane reiterated Labour’s commitment to EU citizens (my article here) and promised that our immigration policy will always be shaped by enduring Labour values.

I spoke at two fringe events during conference, one on the government using EU citizens as bargaining chips in negotiations, and the second on the impact of Brexit on BAME communities. There was some fascinating discussion of these important issues at both.

Between all these formal engagements it was great to meet up with different groups: the unions, including the GMB, Unite and CWU, and Manchester airport and train operators, to raise my constituents concerns about transport, amongst plenty of others.

As Jeremy Corbyn said in his speech on Wednesday, Labour is ready for government. The general election result put the Tories on notice and Labour on the threshold of power. I will certainly carry on working hard to get us there!




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