Foreign Affairs Committee (AFET)


The European Parliament’s Committee on Foreign Affairs is a key player in the design and implementation of the EU’s foreign policy.

It decides on the way European funds are used to promote the EU’s interests and values abroad and, through its supervision of the Enlargement process, defines the future shape of the EU.

Its support is required for all international agreements which define the EU’s role in the wider world. The committee also closely monitors the performance of other EU institutions, particularly the European Commission and the European External Action Service, to ensure that the interests of EU Citizens are at the forefront of its common foreign policy.

The Committee is actively involved in establishing and improving relations with key allies. Through these alliances, it contributes to the development of global norms and rules and ensures that EU legislation is crafted in a way that allows it to integrate well into our changing world.

You can learn more about AFET here


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