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Afzal backs rights for local posties on National Postal Workers Day


Afzal Khan MEP has called on the public to support a campaign to protect the working conditions of postal workers following the privatisation of Royal Mail.

Monday, December 14th marks the celebration of National Postal Workers Day – a day to recognise the hard work that post men and women do year round to keep the postal service running.

As part of the day Afzal visited Stockport mail centre to help out local posties during the busy Christmas period.

Afzal’s visit was organised by the Communication Workers Union (CWU), who have launched a petition urging the government to protect postal workers rights and to safeguard daily post deliveries following the privatisation of the Royal Mail.


Speaking about his visit, Afzal said:

“Six days a week, 52 weeks a year, come rain, shine, sleet or snow, the UK’s posties are out on their rounds, on the road and in mail centres, playing their part in ensuring that this vital public service delivers to everyone, everywhere.

“National postal workers day is a chance to thank postal workers for the hard work they do all year round and I was delighted to come and help out at the sorting office this morning.

“At a time when many postal workers are facing threats to their terms and working conditions it is more important than ever that everyone shows their support for their local post men and women and I would urge everyone to sign the CWU’s petition.”


National Postal Workers Day is part of the CWU’s People’s Post campaign which was launched in July with a Westminster Rally. And in October over 8,000 people attended an event at Manchester Cathedral with #PeoplesPost reaching 1.5million twitter accounts in a single day.

Supporters can sign the petition calling for a Parliamentary debate on Postal Services and workers’ rights and tweet using #PeoplesPost


Speaking about the Peoples Post campaign, Carl Webb CWU North West Regional Secretary, said:

“National Postal Workers Day is a chance for businesses and customers across the UK to thank their local postie for their efforts across the year. With today being one of the busiest posting days of the year this is particularly pertinent.

“Postal Workers are facing threats to their terms and conditions as well as the service they provide. People can show their support by signing our People’s Post petition or using #PeoplesPost on social media.”


10th August 2015


On Thursday 9th July I and my Labour colleagues supported the CWU’s People’s Post campaign launch from European Parliament to defend postal services and employment standards in the postal industry.

This campaign is highlighting how both postal services and employment standards are now under serious threat because of privatisation and continuing regulation from Ofcom.

CWU are arguing this aggressive regulation from Ofcom is pushing Royal Mail into a race to the bottom on terms and conditions and is promoting competition and efficiency at the expense of daily deliveries.

The People’s Post campaign is calling for:

  1. New and stronger legislation to safeguard daily deliveries
  2. An overhaul of regulation to end Ofcom’s push for a race to the bottom
  3. The Government to retail a public voice in the Royal Mail
  4. Fair employment standards with the living wage as a legal minimum in the postal sector
  5. Protection of consumers – new products and services and safeguarding access to Post Offices
  6. The establishment of a Workers Trust in Royal Mail that gives staff a meaningful collective voice.

To learn more about the People’s Post campaign please log on to


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